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Gift Ideas for Jewelers

The holidays are upon us & if you’re looking to get the jeweler in your life something fun, practical and useful this year, I’ve got a nice little list for your consideration!

To be honest, there is always some new tool or gadget that we’re wanting…whether we just started our jewelry making journey this year or have been at it for a decade. The list of dream tools that lives in all of our hearts is never ending.

This list will not necessarily focus on those specialized tools of the trade that I mentioned above, but rather some really great supplemental products that make our day to day life in the studio easier and safer.

Cordless Earbuds

This one is specifically for smiths, but I really believe that everyone needs a good pair of earbuds while working. When creating things with our fire and power tools, we have to put on & take off face masks & safety glasses all day long. This is where I think cordless earbuds are so amazing. They allow us to slip our protective devices on & off our heads without having to pause what we’re listening to, to take off a pair of headphones. Don’t get me wrong, headphones are so comfy, but for this type of work, something low profile and cordless are much better suited to make our work easier. I have the Apple Airpods & love them, but there are endless options out there.

Apple AirPods, 2nd generation

Raycon, The Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Mug Warmer

We love coffee and tea just as much as anyone else & mug warmers are so great because they can sit right here on our bench with us & keep our drinks warm so we can enjoy them all day. Bonus- they can double as a candle warmer!

Gemstone Case

These are just some easy options, because a jeweler will ALWAYS need more stone storage.

Neck Massager

As handcrafters, sometimes we forget to take care of our bodies. Any sort of neck or personal massage tool would be a welcomed gift after a long day hunched over our projects.

Air Quality Reader

This isn’t the most glamorous of options, but if you want to give your smith an easy way to keep track of their personal health in the studio, an air quality reader is a great gift to give. They’re battery operated and can give us a reading on the silent toxins that our craft can produce. Burning acetylene, propane, flux, mixed with all of the metal particular that we kick up can really damage the air quality were breathing in & we may not even know it. This device is a great way to show a smith that you love them.

I think this one is really great because it reads the air across so many parameters.

It tells you:

-TVOC levels which is the "Total Volatile Organic Compounds", or the gasses in the air, which is helpful because were working with and burning gasses.

-AQI which is the "Air Quality Index", a general reading of the air's quality.

-PM10 & PM2.5 which are really important because they can detect the particulate density (silver dust) of the air we're breathing below 10 micrometers AND below 2.5 micrometers!

-CO2 which is the level of carbon dioxide.

-Temperature, humidity & HCHO or formaldehyde, which are all useful to know as well.

Massage or Facial Gift Card

This one speaks for itself…who doesn't love to be pampered!


We don’t like to work in silence, so that means we’re always listening to something. Whether it's a podcast, a t.v. show or music, we need to occupy our ears and heads with something while our hands are busy creating. Consider buying your jeweler a yearly subscription! Here are some places to start:

Spotify- music & podcasts

Audible- audio books

Wondrium- interesting lecture style education covering all topics

Netflix- movies and shows

YouTube- podcasts, shows & learning

I hope this short list of gift ideas for jewelers was helpful to you & please check out my jewelry! It's all handmade in the mountains of Colorado & I have lots of colorful, boho-western designs for you.

Thanks for reading!


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