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My Story

What is La Donna Jewelry?

La Donna Jewelry is the unique jewelry line featuring high quality stones, hand soldered sterling silver & individually woven glass seed beads by Ashley Delmonico.

La Donna Jewelry is made for the singular woman.

I hope you never forget what makes you unique.

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My Story

Hello! My name is Ashley & I'm the one woman show behind La Donna Jewelry. I started this jewelry business with just a few tubes of beads on my kitchen table back when I lived in Colorado for the first time, fresh out of college at 22 years old.


Originally, I was born & raised in Minnesota. While attending college, I met my now husband and he convinced me to make the big move out West & we started a life in a growing little mountain community just as soon as we graduated.


After four years in our new home of Silverthorne, Colorado, we made the decision to make travel the main priority of our 20s. We bought plane tickets to Asia for two months and set off for what would be a non-stop adventure for the next 5 years.


We went on to live in a travel trailer for many years after returning from that first trip & went on to live in Upstate New York; Bend, Oregon; Bozeman, Montana; Minnesota again for a few months while we got married & then finally ended up back in Colorado where we live now.


It was during that time living in our travel trailer back in 2017 that I decided to officially turn my hobby into a business. I upgraded from just bead work to add silver smithing into the mix after taking a class at the local community college in Bend, Oregon.

Besides living in all of those wonderful places, we were able to bike pack Western Europe for three months, go back to Asia for a second time, spending two months exploring the countries we missed out on the first time & finally getting ourselves down to South America for a trip that has us seriously looking forward to when we can get back down there again.


We have made Colorado home, in the Northwest part of the state near the town of Steamboat Springs, where we fixed up our house into a home. I have gone full time with La Donna Jewelry & very much enjoy working out of my small but sunny home studio, where you can usually find me creating with a cup of tea nearby.


Through all of the moving & traveling, my love for working with beads, metal, my tools & all the pretty gemstones has never left me & I'm so very happy to be making these jewels for you! I've honed in a style that feels very authentic to me, creating for you boho, western, colorful & always unique designs that are sure to turn heads.


If you'd like a closer look at my day to day life or newest creations, please be sure to follow my Instagram page or get on my email list! For a more in depth look into my studio & craftsmanship, you can check out The Craft page. Thank you for being on this adventure with me!

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