This peice is a collaboration between Lia of Sequoia Silver and I. You can find her work at


Do you ever look up at how tall the trees are just feel the instinct to do a wide sweeping stretch up with your arms that extends all the way down to the souls of your feet? One big extension. I feel so connected to the giants at the limit of those stretches. Then I think about the leaves or needles on the highest point of the tree and what their lifecycle is like as I wiggle my fingers up high...dang, trees are just so cool. I'm so glad they exist on this earth with us.


The speckled pattern of rose and lavender makes me think of the first stars that appear at dusk, the faintest twinkle against a glowing sky. They make me think of the clear alpine air and the feeling of staring up at the world’s tallest trees. Of trodding on sacred ground and breathing the wisdom of ages more expansive than one can fathom. Of the infinite distance between the largest planet and the smallest atom. Whatever these make you think of, they are ready to accompany you on your journey and remind you of the goddess you are.

Touching the Sky Earrings

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