This peice is a collaboration between Lia of Sequoia Silver and I. You can find her work at


When I think of spring I think of flowers...and this necklace is here to encapsulate that feeling. Some off our colorful little friends live for only a couple hours, and some much longer. Either way, when you can get down on the ground, look at them real close, inhale their lovely scents, and really get to know them...all feels right in the world.

Lia did the breathtaking silversmithing on this piece, creating the perfect little flower friend for you to wear. I just love the detail she added! I did the bead work, carefully selecting colors that brought me that peaceful feeling I get when I'm down introducing myself to a new flower friend. White clouds floating above, a nearby lake, some sand or clay beneath us...all friends of the flower.


The Spring Bloom Necklace, with the dusty hues of dawn, the fiery orange of springtime blooms and a flower head fabricated from layers of textured silver. This piece feels feminine and strong.

Spring Bloom Necklace

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