This peice is a collaboration between Lia of Sequoia Silver and I. You can find her work at


A redwood inspired piece - the soft green of forest ferns, the blue of an open sky, and the deep reds of tree bark and sun speckled earth make me feel right at home, trodding alongside giants. The turquoise is from the Turquoise Mountain mine, one of my favorites for the variegated shades and strong matrix.


This necklace is a statement piece for those of us who feel connected to that old old heritage of the trees. When you're strolling on the ancient forests floors with the fathers towing high above you and their roots winding down deep below you...that's when the magic energy hits. You're among the elders of this planet.

To sense their physical bodies all around you, and allow their essence to permeate your own is something we want you to carry with you, and this necklace is our answer to that. All the colors of the forest included!
A true tree lover’s piece!

Old Growth Necklace

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