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La Donna Jewelry is the unique jewelry line featuring high quality stones, hand soldered sterling silver & individually woven glass seed beads by Ashley Delmonico.


La Donna Jewelry was started in the mountains of Colorado and has evolved through many moves around the country, including places such as upstate New York, Bend Oregon, Minnesota & Bozeman Montana. The colors, movement and designs of each piece reflect the inspiration nature offers with a bohemian flair. Each piece is both intricate and delicate. Sterling silver is a high quality metal that will hold its value as time passes. Each set of earrings or jewelry adornment is soldered by hand, keeping the relationship with the materials and creations intimate. This also leaves endless room for creativity. The beads used are made of glass and are also very high quality. Bead weaving takes time, patience & focus, which makes it a very meditative process. Each piece is truly made with love and of guaranteed quality and craftsmanship.

La Donna Jewelry is made for the singular woman.

I hope you never forget what makes you unique.

If you would like to learn more about the creator behind La Donna Jewelry, her process, and get a look into her daily inspirations, please follow Ashley on Instagram.

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